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?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?My Unforgettable Experience in Yantai Summer Camp
? ? 我在烟台夏令营的难忘经历

? ? What are summer camps? ?There are different kinds, but they boil down to the same things. ?Love. ?Encouragement. ?Exploration. ?Learning. ?These are just part of the things all summer camps have in common. ?And these were all characteristics put into the the Chinese Yan Tai Exploration summer camp. ?We made pottery and painted Beijing opera masks. ?We explored the gold museum in Zhao Yuan and visited Horse Island. ?We learned the art of Chinese Kung-fu and tried out Chinese folk songs and dances. ?But most ?importantly, we had fun. ?And those events have the main themes of summer camps: to learn and to have fun.
? ? My teacher was very encouraging and compassionate, even though she can be very strict when she needs to be. ?She goes to classes along with us and does the things us students do. ?When we dance, she dances. ?When we do martial arts, she does too. ?She is a force that helps our education by encouraging us and sticking along with us, even when it is hard for her. ?She never gives up because she knows that it will help us learn, and that is her main purpose for is here.
? ? Learning was the objective of summer camp. ?We learned lots of things, but the things that stuck in my head most were making Chinese opera masks, learning Chinese Kung-fu, and making dumplings.
? ? Chinese opera masks are harder to make than you might think. ?You have to draw the lines in the exact place, and the paint is hard. ?The brush was very rigid. ?It took ten minutes just to draw the eyes. ?You can imagine the rest. ?Luckily, I chose the mask that was mostly white. ?There were two reasons I picked this. ?Firstly, it was easy to draw, since I could leave parts blank. ?But secondly, I also chose this because it was better for Halloween. ?I managed to finish the mask before an hour ended.
? ? Chinese Kung-fu was the most fun of the subjects that they taught us (in my opinion). ?We first worked on the "Ki' Ai". ?I was good at it. ?In the second class, we worked on a form that showed all the different forms of fists: back fists, hammer fists, upper cuts, thrust punches, you name it! ?I loved that because I had done this sort of thing before.
中国功夫是我们所学习的最有趣的科目 (在我看来)。第一节课,我们学习运气呐喊,我做得很好。在第二节堂中,我们练习各种不同形式的拳法:后冲拳、八卦锤拳、上劈、推手等等,所有的拳法都做了尝试!我太喜欢它了,因为以前我也学习过武术。
? ? Dumplings are actually easy to make. ?We separated into groups. ?One made the dumpling skin, one made the inside filling, and one made the actual ?dumplings. ?The chefs cooked the dumplings. ?I was the person who got the skins and fillings for our table. ?I worked so hard, I sweated. ?Now, you might think that's no big deal, but when you're just sending materials indoors across ten meters, you don't usually sweat.
? ? This was my best experience away from my family that I have ever had in my life. ?I loved the culture, the places, and the history of China. ?I will never forget the joy that I experienced while learning these skills. ?This trip has made me realize who I am. ?Chinese blood runs through my veins, and I am proud of it. ?In martial arts, I learned being disciplined, being focused, and standing up for myself. ?In pottery and making Beijing opera masks, I learned being precise and perseverance. ?Thank you, all the teachers who helped me through this journey in China. ?Thank you, Yantai!
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?美国- - -David He (贺英博)



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